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Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Code to Dynamics 365 for Operations

08.23.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Microsoft Has introduced its latest upgrade to its flagship ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX in November 2016, also have rebranded it ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations’.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is an ERP business application that is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, a next-generation, cloud-based business management system that combines ERP and CRM capabilities within one seamlessly integrated platform.


For current The process is really an issue of knowing how your business uses the machine now  and that’s where an implementation spouse comes in.

A reliable Implementation spouse has the industry experience, in-depth understanding of business processes, and IT knowledge and resources to efficiently identify, plan, and implement the upgrade path that makes the most sense for your company. Relying on a system specialist will help you get the job done efficiently, in a timely and cost-effective method.


Here are some Considerations to remember when organizing a Microsoft Dynamics AX code upgrade.

Working with a Partner on a Microsoft Dynamics AX Upgrade

When considering an Update path, however, it’s important to keep in mind the integrations that your ERP system currently utilizes in order to operate properly and provide the data visibility you require. Smaller businesses with nominal integrations can generally manage a system update with their in-house IT staff, but larger companies with a more complex IT infrastructure should leverage the expertise of an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner.

A professional Implementation partner (for instance, Sunbridge software services ) will have the ability to guide your company through the update process unique to your own organization, ensuring your update project runs smoothly, cost-efficiently, also provides the system you want to run your small business.


One  thing to keep in Mind is that Microsoft doesn’t currently offer an upgrade path for older variants of Microsoft Dynamics AX — Dynamics AX 2009 and AX 4.0 — to Dynamics 365 for Operations. What does that mean if you’re conducting a Dynamics AX 2009 or even AX 4.0 instance?

Chances are you Will be tempted to perform a re-implementation. And with the huge investment that Microsoft has put into Dynamics 365 — all the powerful features and the trendy brand new user interface — it’d be worthwhile for the business to achieve that.

But just in case you Wish to wait, or you do not want to take on a total system re-implementation, an implementation spouse can help you update your system into Dynamics AX 2012. It is a time-tested upgrade route, and with a Dynamics AX 2012 application, your spouse would then be ready help take your own body to the next level with Dynamics 365 for Operations (in the time which makes the most sense for your business).

Upgrade  vs. Re-implementation: Which is Right for You?

Deciding if you Should update your system or do a full re-implementation is contingent on the complexity of your present Microsoft Dynamics AX system, and also the business management systems that it integrates with — that is why it’s so important to have an implementation spouse at the commencement of your evaluation.

An implementation Spouse has the knowledge and skill-set to help determine and guide the code update path that’s right for your company and its various operations, from both technical and functional perspectives. The time, energy, and tools you want to expend in your appraisal and preparation, the better; an implementation partner will reduce the headaches of the decision-making procedure by providing thought leadership and assistance from beginning to end.

An update to Dynamics 365 for Operations from Dynamics AX 2012 would ideally involve two activities:

  • Code update : This is the procedure through which you upgrade your business logic, or’code’ in technical parlance.
  • Data update : This is the procedure through which business data is upgraded to the new data model.

We say “ideally” Because Microsoft has not released a data upgrade service however, which we anticipate to be accessible 2017.

The alternative to An upgrade is a re-implementation. A re-implementation is much like a complete implementation and requires the new system version to be deployed from scratch, together with the essential business logic, opening accounts and master information uploaded.


Having a partner That understands the bigger picture of your company and the nitty-gritty, regular details of what you want your system to accomplish is essential in facilitating a seamless re-implementation undertaking. An implementation associate with extensive industry and job experience will work closely with you on knowing what you need from your new system, and make sure your implementation easily reaches desired milestones at every step of this project.

However, There’s also another way a business can take. This approach involves doing A code upgrade but heading with the opening balance and configuring the master data. The important thing to notice here is that Microsoft has a well-defined Code upgrade service and a detailed and well-tested approach to upload Data in Dynamics AX that partners can leverage — which makes this strategy an Attractive choice to consider.

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