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Merge Daylight and Artificial Light for Flowing Light Effect

02.16.2012 · Posted in Business News Article

No one can resist a good house with the rays of sunlight coming in and brightening up the room with warmth and giving us a pleasurable environment inside the house.rnBut what when the sunlight is not there? So planning the home lighting schemes in your house should be very efficient and good so that it can retain the pleasure given by the sunlight. This depends upon the lighting fixtures you choose and the type of the lamps and lights you choose. rnWe should plan starting from the rooms we like to be brightened up and the ones who just require some faint type of lighting. Then evaluate the result in terms of which rooms require general types of lighting fixtures and bulbs, which rooms require faint lighting and which rooms require to be enough bright so that one can perform tasks in that room.rnBest Lighting OptionsrnNow general types of modern lighting can be installed in rooms such as the hall, entrance passage etc. which just requires one or two lighting fixtures to brighten up that particular area. Lighting such as ceiling lights and chandeliers etc. are good fixtures for these types of rooms.rnBe careful about these types of lighting though because they should not be installed so high that the reflection from it hits the high and unnecessary shadows linger around. If it

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