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Mathew Lesko Free Money To Pay Your Bills ?

09.17.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Matthew Lesko; “Free Money to Pay Your Bills”.nn By now, you have surely seen his commercials on TV, often late at night and on Fox,. nn Using a large number of different websites, but always the same pitch, the green suit covered with question marks and a maniacally shouting, annoying man, squealing “get money from the government to pay your rent for FREE!” He insists there are hundreds of government programs with money, for just about anything you want, you just need his book to tell you how to apply for the grants!nn There are countless reports, firsthand, from people who have felt swindled and duped by Matthew Lesko’s ads. Many feel that Matthew Lesko deliberately misleads those who buy his book. There are two big complaints:nn 1. Matthew Lesko makes it sound as though it is easy to obtain grants and money from the government and 2. He fails to mention the downsides, such as you will probably not be eligible for the vast majority of the programs.nn For example, often grants that are referred to in Matthew Lesko’s books are actually public assistance programs for which many people are not eligible.nn Matthew Lesko makes it sound as though it is easy to get the grants and that he is telling you about programs that you don’t already know about. Both are untrue: many of the programs are well-known and you won’t qualify. nn Matthew Lesko appears to admit this. According to the Washington City Paper:nn Matthew Lesko acknowledges that his shtick obscures the enormous difficulties in securing government grants, but he sees no need to apologize for it. A degree of lying you know, white lies seems to be inherent in all languages and all forms of communication, he wrote in the introduction to his book “Free Money to Pay Your Bills”. Its really not lying; its more a matter of not presenting the downside of a situation.nn Even if Matthew Lesko is attempting to teach ordinary citizens how to bilk the government for funds from programs that are intended for the truly needy, this is not the worst of it.nn The simply fact is the government is NOT going to pay your bills. nn Matthew Lesko’s commercials distort and exaggerate the intent and application of common government programs to make it sound like he has secret knowledge of special government programs to hand out money to anyone who asks.nn Matthew Lesko’s books are essentially useless collections of information that doesn’t apply to you and you can easily obtain on the internet for free. His books are little more than a self-serving attempt to get into your wallet. nn The truth is Matthew Lesko is looking for free money to pay his bills, and he is trying to get it from you.

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