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Master coding on the cheap: This Python bootcamp is on sale for $10

06.21.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
TL;DR: This exhaustive online class covers the ins and outs of Python, a popular programming language, and it's on sale right now for just $9.99.
The fact that programming classes are now required for many elementary and high school students is enough to make any coding-illiterate millennial feel... well, sort of inadequate. As if we didn't have enough to stress about already — see: the bleak housing market, avocado recalls, the general collapse of modern society — the youths are apparently coming to take our jobs.  Deep breaths, everyone. As luck would have it, the PCMag Shop just decided to throw us all bone in the form of a deal on a Udemy coding course called the Complete Python Bootcamp. It's a well-rounded education in Python 3, the most recent version of the popular programming language, and it's currently on sale for $9.99. (Udemy's website usually lists it for $11 or $12, so this offer is the best of its kind.) Read more... More about Programming, Python, Online Learning, Mashable Shopping, and Shopping Onlinelearning

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