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Massage-Like For Sufferers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

08.30.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

The carpal tunnel is a chamber in the wrist that also contains the median nerve, which offers feeling to the thumb and the next 3 fingers. When the median nerve becomes compressed via such things as injury, excess body weight, fluid retention or arthritis, the resulting pain and reduced mobility is referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome. It is not uncommon for people who suffer from this condition to be compelled toward surgery and to require regular use of pain medications. However, many have experienced relief through carpal tunnel massage and even exercises that can reduce the impact of carpal tunnel syndrome.nnIf the flexor trigger points and the extensors of the forearm are treated with long and pressured strokes continuously for two or three weeks, the median nerve compression can be relieved. If the therapy is continued for a longer period of time it is possible to reverse the condition and eliminate the need for risky surgery. Normally, surgery is only used as a last resort and people will normally wear a wrist brace in order to relieve the pain and pressure.nnCarpal tunnel syndrome can also be very costly, as many are required to take leaves of absence from work to deal with the disabling effects of this increasingly painful condition. Such pain and altering of daily life often leads to depression and anxiety as people struggle to cope with the unknown factor of whether or not they will ever regain full use of their hands again without pain and without surgery.nnConversely, many have been delighted to discover that carpal tunnel massage is quite effective in rejuvenating the median nerve and relieving it from its compressed state. Massage techniques may also be applied to the neck, shoulder and back areas as well, since it is quite possible that source of the nerve constriction can originate in those areas. Over time, as daily massage is applied to these areas, many report a significant relief in the pain associated with carpal tunnel. Continuing massages daily over a period of months can even completely reverse carpal tunnel syndrome as the median nerve is relieved and normal functioning has returned.nnBy combining the use of range of motion exercises, such as extending, stretching and holding the hands in a position where the palms face out as the fingertips point upwards, before straightening the wrists and allowing the fingers to relax again, the median nerve can benefit. Also, making and releasing a tight fist several times while slowly rotating the hands at the wrist joints can also help.nnOverall, carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with massage techniques and exercises that can restore proper nerve functioning. However, the best action one can take against carpal tunnel syndrome is to prevent its onset by proper posture, frequent rest of the hands, daily exercise and regular massages for people who work in environments that require repetitive hand movements or back strains that can lead to arm and wrist injuries.nnIt is possible to avoid surgery and regain functionality of the affected areas with proper massage and exercise. Once the condition has been diagnosed, treatment should begin in order to avoid further damage to the nerves and surgery.

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