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Mantra Meditation

09.05.2011 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Mantras are words or phrases spoken aloud and repeated many times over to clear the mind of thoughts other than the mantra being spoken. Mantra’s often are spoken during meditation to evoke the particular qualities of a Buddhist spirit. It is believed that by chanting certain words or phrases, you will be endowed with the attributes of a well known Buddhist figure and hence improve your physical, mental and spiritual outlook. These words spoken are believed to be sacred and very powerful at influencing the meditator, the external environment and the spiritual world.nA Mantra is often evoked for the purpose of protecting the mind from negative intrusions or evil forces at large.nnEvery living manifestation is said to have its own mantra. Mantra literally means sound. The sound of the wind blowing in the trees is a mantra. The sound of your own breathing is a mantra. The sound of the tide crashing on the beach is a Mantra. Mantra is therefore sound and the universe and cosmos continually reverberates with sound vibrations.nnThe sound of the Mantra words being spoken aloud is said to be heard by the spiritual world. The spirits are drawn to the meditator and hence have a direct influence on them. Mantras are mysterious and can best be likened to sacred poetry, prayer or magical incantations. nnChanting the word Om Mani padme hum repeatedly is said to evoke the attributes of wisdom, purity and compassion. The phrase translated means “Hail to the jewel of the lotus.” Another common word chanted is Om, pronounced Aum and this mantra draws the central Buddha, the Buddha of the North and the Buddha of the East to the meditator. Many mantras do not have any definition at all, they are simply said to be spiritually powerful. You do not have to understand the mantra being chanted or even have any knowledge of the Buddhist religion to benefit from chanting the words. nnMany people find that by chanting mantra’s they benefit immensely by stilling the mind. The mantra provides a distraction to normal thought patterns allowing them to relax and feel peaceful. The effect can be felt for many hours after evoking the mantras. The mantra provides a focus point for the mind and hence has the effect of keeping you in the present moment. It also slows down your heartbeat, breathing and decreases blood pressure.nnWe do not have to use an Ancient Mantra’s when chanting. We can simply use positive affirmations repeatedly. This will have the same effect of stilling the mind and also changing your mental outlook. For example, chanting “I am capable of loving unconditionally” and thinking about those words as you chant them could possibly change your mental perception of love. It is an individual preference, choosing the right affirmation of your own. These kinds of mantras can instill in the meditator attributes which they feel would improve their lives. nnThe key to Mantra chanting is believing in the words and of course the repetition. It will have little to no effect just repeating the chant twenty times and expecting results. Real change comes with practice. Chanting for twenty to thirty minutes is recommended daily. Your efforts will be rewarded and have a positive impact on your life.

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