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Managing Change in the Rapidly Evolving World of Code

07.13.2018 · Posted in Uncategorized

In 2018, it's more than likely you work for one of the 88 percent of companies using or planning to use low-code application development platforms in the next year [1]. As a development manager, you are thinking about the benefits low-code brings to bear: greater agility from shorter development cycles, increased productivity enabling you to shift resources to more strategic and innovative initiatives and transforming the business into active participants in the application development lifecycle.

The downside is many of your developers are freaking out. They look at low-code and think their coding experience isn't valued by their bosses, model-driven visual development is over-simplified and can't handle anything beyond simple forms applications, or their jobs are at risk because the company will transition to business analysts building apps without code. How do you get your team excited and engaged while they are experiencing panic attacks, existential crises, and visceral reactions to a new technology?

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