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Manage Your Store’s Returns Easily and Boost Customer Loyalty with PrestaShop Return Manager Addon

04.02.2021 · Posted in Ecommerce Articles

When Online Retailers spend so much effort and money on getting new customers on their eCommerce stores but if they are not retained on your online store then your sales will go down gradually and it will also affect the growth of the business. Customer retention is very important as you can’t keep getting new customers to your store. Offering easy return options to the customers is one of the essential elements to increase the customer retention rate of a business.

PrestaShop Return Manager Addon

With Knowband’s PrestaShop Order Return Manager Addon, you can allow customers in your store to return or replace a product if they are not satisfied. They can create their requests from the Return Manager popup for returning the products easily. The sent requests will be received and will be available for the store admin to approve or disapprove. With this module, online retailers can manage the returns of their online stores easily and efficiently.

Benefits of Using the PrestaShop Product Return addon on the eCommerce Store:

1. The addon offers the store admin an easy-to-manage Return interface by which he can easily check all the return requests and manage all these requests.

2. With Knowband’s PrestaShop Replacement Manager Module, you can win the loyalty of your online customers by providing them easy returns against their return grievances.

3. The PrestaShop Replacement Manager Addon allows you to find out the reason customers returning the products. You can find the reasons for their sent return requests and fix the errors and faults of the products as soon as possible to avoid more returns and replacements.

4. By offering easy returns to your customers with Knowband’s PrestaShop Return Manager Addon, you provide them a great shopping experience that boosts their confidence and encourages them to come back to your store whenever they want to purchase that product again. It will increase the brand value of your business and will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Key Highlights of the PrestaShop Order Return Manager Module:

1. The module allows 3 options for the customers to choose from while creating their requests i.e., credit, refund, replacement. While creating the requests, the users can choose the best-suited option from the Return popup and can create their requests for order return.

2. Knowband’s PrestaShop Return Manager Module allows the store owner an option to create a Return Policy from the back office which will be available to read to the customers along with the return’s terms and conditions.

3. The PrestaShop Order Return Manager Extension provides full control to the store admin by allowing him to check all the active and pending returns on the online store. The admin can check the requests and approve or disapprove the requests as he may think fit.

4. With Knowband’s PrestaShop Order Return Manager Module, The store owner can find out the reasons for the returns from the specified return reasons in the return requests. The store admin can create some common reasons which the customers can select at the time of raising their complaints.

5. The PrestaShop RMA addon is user-friendly and provides an easy-to-understand and use interface which makes it easy for the admin to manage the module.

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