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Make Shopping For Your Friends And Family Easy

12.03.2008 · Posted in Food and Beverage Articles

The newest rage in the gift industry is the edible gift. It is becoming so popular because it pleases everyone and is a new unique way of telling someone you care. Edible gifts are perfect for many different occasions, including but not limited to: hospital stays, birth of a new child, congratulations and thinking of you. nn There are many things to consider when choosing an edible gift for someone. The most important thing to consider is if they are allergic to any types of foods or if anyone in the house is. The safest thing to do if you are not sure is to avoid anything with peanut products, as to eliminate the possibility of a bad allergic reaction. Reason for the gift, different events in life may require a different style of basket or different foods in the basket. Someone who has just had surgery may need softer foods in their basket so that it will not upset their stomachs. And last but not least how much you want to spend. Edible gifts come in different price points and different sizes. nn A simple but elegant choice for a wife or girlfriend could be as basic as chocolate covered strawberries. In order to spice the gift up, add a bottle of red wine and maybe a single red rose for good measure.nn If the person you’re buying for is a book lover, perhaps a hand assembled gift basket with some fine cheese and biscuits, a bottle of white wine, a couple of wine glasses and a new hardcover best seller might be just what the doctor ordered.nn Don’t be shy about making your own edible gifts, either. Some of the best presents are the ones that show that you put time and effort into the gift. There are many simple gifts that can be made by hand. Jar mixes – dry ingredients layered in a Mason jar – are well received by many. A great variety of items including cookies, soups, and breads can all be given in the form of jar mixes. You can also easily make your own “instant oatmeal” mixes, and flavor them with interesting ingredients like cranberries, dried bananas, and even crystallized ******. Make sure that you tie the mixes with beautiful ribbons and decorate them to look gorgeous and appropriate for the occasion.nn If you don’t have the time or the talent to cook something, then of course you can buy the gift. And if you really want to give the gift that keeps on giving, then try something like the “cheese of the month” club. The recipient will receive a different type of cheese in the mail every month for the entire year. You will certainly be remembered next Christmas.nn This is your opportunity to be creative and put something of yourself into the something that you are giving to someone you care about. They will surely appreciate the uniqueness of your gift and all the thought and effort that went into preparing it. An edible gift is a classic for any occasion.

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