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Makari Cosmetics – Unsurpassed Skin Care Products

06.04.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

The skin looks beautiful if it is clear smooth and blemish free. But there are many factors that lead to the darkening of the skin, appearance of acne and the use of chemicals leads to other reactions on the skin leaving it dull and coarse. Makari is a new luxury brand of cosmetics and skin care products that has come with all natural remedies to heal and clear the skin surface, smoothen its texture and leave it looking lustrous and radiant.nnThe Makari Skin Lightening cream and other products are meant for various skin types and rejuvenate them all. Makari does not use harmful hydroquinone or bleach, which may lighten the skin but can have long-term effects that are harmful for the skin. So you can have a Makari face that looks fairer, rosy and refreshed, pronto. nnMakari skin lightening cream contains water based formula that is superb for oily skins. This formula stimulates production of cells in a controlled manner thus averting the wrinkles and aging spots. nnDoes Makari work? The Makari beauty products range is the brainchild of Jack Aini and Maurice Bertrand, who could not accept a world full of chemical based and harsh skin products. Their Makari de Suisse range is composed of natural and herbal extracts with no trace of chemicals. Makari caviar cream contains caviar and vegeclairine. Caviar species is found in Caspian Sea and vegeclairine is a plant extract that acts as a natural bleaching agent. Caviar seeps into the skin layers and gradually results in a refreshed, lustrous skin. nnA European leader in cosmetics, Makari is a favorite amongst the beauty connoisseurs. According to a survey, Makari products were able to clear 90% of blemishes and about 87% people found positive results within 10 days. The Makari Night Cream contains anti-bacterial properties that can regulate sebum secretion. nnOrganic exfoliates work into the skin to cleanse the surface and beneath it. These include olive oil, Irish moss and lavender that are contained in the Makari lotion. nnThe Makari soap is perhaps the best Makari lightening agent that clear wrinkles with its anti dryness formula. The Makari caviar enriched soap helps in toning and soothing your complexion. nnMakari milk provides numerous benefits while rejuvenating your skin and giving it a perfect texture.

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