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Lucky Charms And More Gambling Superstitions

08.26.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

Don’t walk under a ladder – it’s bad luck. A black cat crossing your path – bad luck or good luck, depending on where you are from. The number 13; lucky horse shoes; not seeing the bride before the wedding.nnSuperstitions – we are all aware of them, even if we do think they’re silly. While, in reality, most of us take such things with a pinch of salt, who reading this has never spoken about ‘good luck’. The fact is that many people do believe in these things and gamblers are no exception. There are lots of superstitions associated with gambling.nnSome of the most popular and most feared are these:nn1: Always use the side entrance to a casino and don’t enter through the front door. It’s bad luck.nn2: No fifty dollar bills. It is a long standing belief that the $50 bill brings bad luck with it.nn3: Never, never count your money at a table game, this brings very bad luck and should only be done in bathrooms, while walking around or better yet, when you leave or when you have none left to count!nn4: An old Asian superstition that has stuck around is that wearing the color red is said to bring good luck.nnThere are, of course, plenty of other omens and superstitions that players consider to be bad luck or good luck. The most obvious of these is lucky charms. Many players won’t leave home without completing lucky rituals or taking their lucky charm with them.nnTrue story : I once saw a bingo playing friend of mine carrying a stuffed toy in the shape of a baby elephant. It was almost the same size as a baby elephant too! She always carried this same toy because she thought she couldn’t win without it.nnHere are just a few of the weirder, more crazy superstitions that many players live their lives by and take extremely seriously.nn1 : Lucky clothes. Lots of gamblers believe in this one and will always wear their lucky shirt or lucky dress.nn2: Lucky meal, lipstick, shoes, socks, jewelry, etc. Dont leave home without them.nn3: Kiss the slot machine before spinning.nn4: Counting – many players count up to a special, lucky number before spinning the reels of the slot machine they are playing. Some even drop their coins into the machine in a particular way.nnOf course, winning at a casino can lead to even more, personal superstitions. Many players look at exactly what they wore, how they played, what they ate that day; in fact, anything that could be considered the source of their good fortune.nnThere are so many different superstitions I believe we could write a book on this subject. But for all those out there who believe or dont believe, play the games the way you feel most comfortable, if you feel like playing poker in your bathing suit because its lucky, then go right ahead, but remember, others may think that a person wearing a bathing suit at a poker table is BAD luck!

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