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Low carb diets- Discover the amazing truth about carbs

09.03.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Lot of people in the United States & other western countries have been trapped in the dangerous situation called obesity or rapid weight gain. Studies have revealed that there are about 65 million over weight individuals in USA alone & this number will be pretty much higher in the future days to come. Many doctors & health gurus are continuously advising their patients to adapt to low carb diets, which help in controlling weight in a gradual manner.rnrnAccording to doctors, these carbohydrates are providing energy for most of the cells in our body as well as the major source of energy for our red blood cells & some cells in our brain. On the other hand, carbohydrates are a must for human body but to what extent, we have to decide on that. Since we people have hefty of options like infinite number of fast foods available to us, these are consumed more to what it is required by our body resulting in rapid weight gain & obesity. The only solution seems to be going for low carbohydrate diet plans helps in our objective to achieve healthy weight loss.rnrnBasically there are two types of carbohydrates exists namely the simple carbohydrates & complex carbohydrates. Some of the simple carbohydrates are honey, sugar, flour & candy. The negative effect of consuming such stuff is that they drastically reduce our body’s energy levels after they are consumed. On the other hand, it is better to avoid complex carbohydrates since they are absorbed in our body slowly after they are taken in. They consists of starch & fiber rich items like rice, potatoes, corn, wheat & grains to name a few.rnrnMost of the simple carbohydrates do not offer any nutritional value after they are taken in but in turn provide us the negative effect like the cavities & the tooth decay in the long run. On the other hand, low carb diets have high protein & mineral contents along with low fat levels. They are as well very tastier & nutritious and can be adopted as our permanent diet plans.rnrnIt is proved that according to medical sciences that low carb diets are extremely healthy, tasty & nutritious even in the long run & can be easily followed without any problem. Quite a few diet programs are available like the Dr. Atkins diet, south beach diet, Hollywood diet, etc to name a few & these programs recommend us to stick to their respective diet choices based on the programs chosen.rnrnAlmost all doctors prescribe some of the low carb diet foods to individual’s which contains meat, eggs, pork, lamb, salmon and hard boiled eggs since they are considered to be pretty safe in order to reduce weight in a phased pattern. This diet plan needs to be strictly adhered to, in order to achieve our primary goal.rnrnIn case if you are pretty over weight, it is highly recommended to chose low carb vegetarian diet plans that are blessed with high protein content along with low fat levels. These include eggplants, spinach, broccoli or tomatoes. It is also suitable to go in for vegetable salads for our diet plans & garnish them with crumbled bacon, boiled eggs or mushrooms to have a perfect vegetarian meal that will keep us healthy for long time.rnrnThe bottom line is to reduce our weight in a healthier way so that obesity is arrested to maximum extent possible. This will not only help us to keep good health but also avoids major health hazards like high blood pressure, cholesterol in the best possible way in our middle ages.

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