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Looking For A Great Digital Camera?

11.04.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Pentax Digital Cameras – the words echo in the mind, when we hear this name. Pentax has always been our one of the premier choices when it comes to buying cameras, or for that matter, digital cameras. In this digital era, Pentax has made its presence felt all over the world. Pentax Digital Cameras have always been marked excellent when it comes to their quality and performance.nnWhen Pentax introduced their first camera in 1952 they were hailed as innovative creators of easy to use technology. With the advent of digital technology Pentax has consistently shown that they are still a force to be reckoned with in the photography business. By producing quality, durable cameras they have provided their fans with amazing cameras that have stood the test of time. Their most prominent contribution to date has been the 35 mm SLR camera. Their dedication to the photography consumer has always been constant and it continues to grow stronger each year. Here is a look at the cameras that Pentax offers to the digital community.nnDuring the past 80 years Pentax has created an immense number of cameras that have allowed people to capture the treasured moments of their life. Thankfully, for the children of today, there are a new set of digital Pentax cameras that will carry on their legacy. Pentax has two categories of digital cameras on the market today, the Optio Digital Cameras and the *ist Digital Cameras. To appreciate how far Pentax has come with its technology I want us to look at each of the categories.nnBoth new camera users and digital photo enthusiasts will enjoy the Optio Digital Cameras. Optio Digital Cameras are easy-to-use yet also include a variety of highly sophisticated and advanced features. They are user-friendly and contain loads of image-enhancing features. They are the best of both worlds, easy to use and rich in features. I am listing some detailed specifications that you can find in the Optio Digital Cameras.nnYou can find the Optio Digital Cameras with a megapixel range of 2.0-6.0. They usually have a 1/ 2.5 inch interline transfer CCD. Most of the cameras have a LCD monitor which is usually a TFT 1.8 inch color screen with 100% LCD resolution and a screen resolution of about 130,000 pixels. Features include a variety of picture modes such as landscape, portrait, sports, night scene and many more. Built in language settings including English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, French and Swedish which makes these cameras perfect for anyone, anywhere. These cameras work with standard USB ports to connect to your computer operating any Windows Vista, 2000, XP, Me, 98, 98SE system.nnThe other type of camera that Pentax has created is the Pentax *ist. These cameras are geared for more professional photographer and marked the company’s entry into the digital SLR market. A few of the features found in this category include 6.1 megapixels resolutions, an APS format sensor and 2.5 inch LCD display with 210,000 pixels resolutions. The Pentax *ist cameras have a built in ISO setting up to 3200. The digital storage format of these cameras also includes the RAW file format along with the JPEG and TIFF formats.nnThe available white balancing modes include auto, cloudy, daylight, shade, fluorescent light, tungsten light and manual setting. As with most digital cameras the storage media is SD card. You can also check the depth of field prior to taking the photo. LCD options include slide show, digital filter and image rotation capabilities. You can also choose whether to delete a single photo or to delete all the photos. As I mentioned above, these cameras are geared more to the needs of advanced digital camera users or amateur enthusiasts.nnSo if you are thinking of buying a new Pentax Digital Camera, you should definitely consider choosing the one from the above two categories.

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