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Long Short Fund Description

10.05.2009 · Posted in Finance Articles

It’s always interesting to learn more about new investing strategies and to give various methods a try to see their returns. One particular strategy is the long short fund strategy. This particular strategy is one that combines two types of investments, both long and short, to limit exposure and risk. The goal involves picking a variety of stocks with both long and short positions to include in the fund. The long positions are expected to improve their value while the short positions are expected to lose some of their value. In an up and down market, a long short fund is looking to make money with both its long and short positions. Investors tired of the market’s volatility and of losing their hard earned money may be especially receptive to the long short fund because it is essentially a fund with insurance built in. There is no guarantee of success, of course, which is the inherent risk of investing in the stock market. However, the stocks chosen for the fund are done so in order to reduce risk and exposure as much as possible. rnrnWhat are Long and Short Positions?rnrnThe investor needs to understand the difference between a long and short position. Basically, a long position may be taken simply by purchasing a stock and if it goes up in value the investor makes money. Short positions are somewhat different, however. In many cases taking a short position involves borrowing a stock from your broker, selling it, and then hoping it goes down in value so that it can be re-purchased at a lower price than was initially paid so the “borrowed” share can be returned. That’s an example that is simplified to assist in the understanding of how the long short fund works. There are generally 30-40 long stocks and 15-30 short stocks within one fund that work to balance each other and make money for the investor.

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