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Living In NYC: Do I Need To Hire An Image Consultant?

09.12.2009 · Posted in Shopping and Fashion

Why are New Yorkers obsessed with self transformation? With the explosion of Botox parties, restylane fillers, perlane injections, breast implants and breast reductions, it seems New Yorkers are fighting to stay relevant! The Manhattan bubble seems to be obsessed with self transformation while television networks introduce new makeover shows weekly. With explosive television ratings, it’s apparent that viewers are tuning in weekly to see the latest geek turn chic. While these shows provide an embarrassing experience for the unlikely contestant, they give home viewers something comprehensive. The likelihood of having a T.V makeover that caters to your specific wardrobe, hair, and make-up most likely is impossible. Allowing friends, significant others, or relatives to determine what is acceptable fashion will never work out to your advantage, unless they are a fashion expert.nnNew York style is hard to replicate. When comes to image and fashion, New Yorkers dress to impress with a confident attitude that can be spotted a mile away! When it comes to your image, how would you describe your style, personality, and lifestyle? Sometimes, people naturally fall into a category. Are you happy with the way you dress? Your clothing and image is what speaks volume when no words are being said. What message are you sending to your peers, children, husband, wife, and friends? If you do not focus on your appearance, then who else will. Own your image and take control of what your image says about you. nnEveryone is unique and special. You can be beautiful regardless of shape, age or size. There are many ways to focus on your assets and downplay problem areas in order to maximize your body’s full potential. Part of the process is to understand your body structure. This can be further explained by an image consultant who will tell you that wearing the appropriate styles, garments, textiles, and colors have an enormous effect on your overall image and shape. When seeking the advice of an image consultant, be prepared to have your world turned upside down because it can be a life changing event.nnIf you have had the same hairstyle since college perhaps this means you are ready for change. If you find that you struggle to find the perfect outfit and get frustrated when you try, you may consider the help of a New York image consultant. It is crucial to stay relevant in a city that never sleeps. If you have had the same clothing style for the past five years because you are uncertain of what else looks good on you then perhaps you are need of a change. An image consultant will evaluate your lifestyle and personality to create a customized style that you can call you own. It is crucial to always put your best foot forward before you hit the ground running.nnBefore you decide to alter your body or undergo expensive surgeries in New York, you should consult with an image consultant. Certain physical imperfections can be corrected by non surgical procedures which will save you thousands of dollars. An image consultant can provide alternative beauty and fashion advice that will alter your look and smooth out slight imperfections that could save you the disappointment of false promises and mismanaged surgical procedures. If there is an issue that requires surgical procedures, an image consultant has an excellent database of experts that are known to be reliable and efficient!nnIn New York, it is not uncommon for corporations, small businesses, or executives to seek the help of an Image consultant. Business and office attire should also be stylish but stay within the respected realm of your professional environment. New Yorks young professionals tend be very competitive, so being in control of your image and sending the right message is crucial. Be careful that if you decide to hire an image consultant that they are experienced, educated, and work with a full range of clients. Most image consulting companies will give you a free consultation. Push yourself to make the call and you will be pleasantly surprised.nnUpdating your look with a beauty and fashion makeover is a great form of rejuvenation. When your image is dated or out of style, you send a message to those around you. When you dress stylish and look put together you are simply saying that you care about the way you look. You appear current, updated, and informed instead of being stuck in a time capsule. Whether you are going for a job interview, promotion, dinner date, or dropping the kids off at school, you should dress appropriate. Work attire does not always have to be stuffy and boring. Sometimes clothing has to be comfortable and agile to accommodate children. Either way, dressing appropriate for the task at hand can be accomplished while wearing stylish and flattering pieces. nnMy Image Expert has an office and image consultants in New York City that provide a variety of services. They manage your image from head to toe and are a reliable style source used by celebrities, television stations, athletes, CEOs, advertising agencies, corporations, small businesses, students, and Manhattanites. They provide a complimentary consultation to help you determine the areas you may need help with.

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