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Link Building Strategies Explained-00-1570

12.10.2008 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

Even the title should be in accordance. Content should not just be SERPs oriented, but also authoritative for its particular target audience.rnrnThe main point is to maximize your success by writing content that appeals to the audience. The content should reflect well on your business and target big search terms. rnrnSome important things to keep in mind is that the content should increase your reputation, create a good image for your company and appeal to your target audience.rnrnAlthough link building is time consuming, repetitive and risky, it is essential for all webpages since they act as a vote to the website and ensure better rankings. rnrn * Strategy 1: Find your brand mentions: If a webpage is mentioning you, then they will be most likely willing to link out. You can check who all are mentioning your name without a link at the Yahoo Site Explorer.rn * Strategy 2: Identifying the broken inbound links: You can use Google Webmaster Tools to spot them. Make sure you contact the site owner and ask them to fix those links.rn * Strategy 3: Take advantage of the broken links of your competitors: Search for phrases, such as ‘no longer available’ or ‘no longer offered [keyword]’. Then contact the owners of the site linked to the broken pages and tell them about your product. They might be willing to link to you instead.rn * Strategy 4: Check who all are linking your competitors: You can find out the same using the Yahoo Hub Finder.rn * Strategy 5: Try to take advantage of confirmation emails: Encourage people to link to you when you send them their order confirmation. Links are editorial, relevant and scalable.rn * Strategy 6: You can embed links in Widgets, Banners and Badges: When you create something like a quiz, poll or any other interesting shareable content, you can include a link back to your website.rn * Strategy 7: Go ahead and create link some baits: Brainstorm for content ideas and host it on your sites. Then promote the same through mediums, such as social media sites, forums, blogs, etc. Researching your sector’s link worthiness can show you a lot of link bait opportunities. Once you discover the big players in your field, go on to target those sites. Be observant about trends and take advantage of what

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