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Lights and Sound Add to the Learning Stimulation of a Child

11.30.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Add a bit of light and a few sound effects and watch the fun grow. Your baby can roll, sit and even step a bit when holding your fingers or clinging to the couch. It might be time this year to get a Christmas gift that will really get the party started. Babies love lights. Toys that blink or flash stimulate brain function and really hold your little one’s attention. You probably already have a variety of toys that come equipped with a light show. The addition of a few sounds and strains of music take the fun to another level. nnYet all the lights and sounds in the world are often no match for the simple pleasure of standing and moving. Babies who have reached the cruising stage are not content to sit in one place and rattle the same toy no matter how many lights it has or different sounds it makes. A cruising baby wants action! nnThis is where toys that come in the form of a table come in. There is a type of musical lights and sound table to suit any parent or baby’s wildest Christmas dreams. A few of the more common varieties are simply activity tables that stand about a foot or so off of the floor. These elevated toys have knobs and buttons for your child to press, open, roll or slide. In addition to the gadgets for baby’s play your child can now stand and shimmy all the way around their little table. Babies love to press the buttons that play music then perform their own dance routines while using the table to steady themselves. nnHas your baby already shown an interest in a certain cartoon character or song? There are tables that incorporate most of the major baby friendly cartoon shows and songs. The familiar colors and sounds enhance baby’s interest and play. nnOne of the perennial favorite light, sound or musical play tables for little ones are tables that include a miniature key board. It is never too soon to create a love of music in your child. Who knows where this early piano tinkering will take your child? nnParents often think about fun and learning. Babies just want to have a bit of fun. There is a table for that! In fact there are many, many tables that not only stimulate play, but also help your child learn a variety of basic facts. Some tables come with buttons shaped like each letter of the alphabet, as your baby presses these buttons the letter’s name is said. The same holds true of shapes, numbers or animal sounds. nnTo get the most for your money look for tables that grow with your child both in terms of height and interest. Some tables have different program settings that will change the function of buttons and sound effects. This means your baby will move through the cruiser and toddler stages and not become bored because even for youngsters variety is the spice of life. nnFor mommy and daddy’s sanity, look for tables that are equipped with volume controls as well as an off button. If your child loves this toy as much as most babies do you may soon wish it wasn’t quite so loud. You will also want to consider how the table is powered. How long do the batteries last? How many, what type and what is the cost of the batteries it uses? Many toys requiring batteries are left lifeless and useless once the batteries wear out if the cost and ease of replacement is too high.

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