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Let’s Get To A Common View With Pure Emotion And Pull Out The Difficult Situation With The Firm Faith

04.21.2010 · Posted in Society Articles

At 7:49 on April 14, 2010, China’s Qinghai Province, Yushu County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (latitude 33.1 degrees north, longitude 96.7 degrees) occurred 7.1-magnitude earthquake, the earthquake caused heavy casualties and the housing collapse, countless lives have been claimed fresh lives.rnThe earthquake caused huge casualties, Qinghai earthquake relief headquarters of China released the latest casualty figures, as of 17:00 pm on the 20th, took place in Yushu 2064 earthquake which caused people were killed, 175 missing and 12,135 injured , of which 1434 were seriously injured, by comparing successive data of casualties in the recent five times, we can find, in addition to the number of missing other than the number of people are rising, we find that contrast, on the 14th for the 312 missing persons, missing persons on the 18th 256, 19 195 and 20 to 10 is 193, the afternoon of 20 is 175, it can be said, with the reduction in the number, more and more people were found trapped, trapped 129 hours of the day the rescue of soil for us to prove one miracle to happen.rnThis is the second time to use state power to express our highest respect for life. “When the flag drops, the victims the dignity of every rising”, “5.12” Wen chuan earthquake, the establishment of a national day of mourning, hoist, full three-minute silence and a series of activities have a profound understanding of us The value of this public ceremony.rnIn fact, this decision is not just a public ceremony to the dead. “Dead long gone, when the living how they like?” When we bow silence, when we full of tears, when the society to every member of awe in the public ceremony, the only offerings to the dead, but also to the living. Dead need to hold a memorial ceremony, the Memorial to remember the survivors of the emotional need for a public ceremony to settle, and this is the significance of holding of national mourning. Of course, as different industries, different individuals have different expression of grief and settled in their own way. Mourn the dead, news people due diligence. When the stick in their positions, we believe that we stand with all our compatriots. We also believe that after the baptism of the national day of mourning, the feelings of everyone in society will be more pure, gather together in the disaster in the consensus will be more robust.rnAs this time we have seen and heard, an earthquake of people from different regions are linked together, they use the body warm embrace of the heart. This is a space close to the national day of mourning such a public ceremony, it is after the disaster to make people’s emotions are linked together.rnPure emotion, social cohesion and consensus, it is the most important function of public ritual. An anthropologist, once said, the nation-state is a “political community of imagination”, “because even the smallest nation members, and can

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