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Let Me Tell You My Experience In Las Vegas

11.05.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

We went on my very first tour of Las Vegas in the beginning of this year. It had always been my dream to visit this city for more than a decade, but never got round to it. Anyway, the tour was simply great.Las Vegas is a city beyond description.I am really happy that I finally got to touring this wonderful city.nnIt was at the time of the Great Recession that we got round to visiting Las Vegas and as a result were not able to tour all the shopping haunts as most of them were closed. We were put up at Mandalay Bay in the southern part of the city .We managed to secure a very profitable offer from the hotel and was offered two complimentary nights also. Commuting to the city was no problem as there were many transportation facilities available.nnThe conveyance to the Pyramid Hotel and Excalibur is extremely simple and helps you to get to New York speedily. I really enjoyed every hotel I visited. The shops,restaurants,shows and gambling dens were all resplendent. Being a non smoker I detested all the smokiness and was quite suffocating. I expected more air circulation in these places. nnWe commenced our trip of Las Vegas with a visit to the Hoover Dam. That was all we could do for that day as there was so much to see in and around the dam it self.We had actually planned to see the Grand Canyon as well but the visit to the Hoover Dam took longer than expected. If there is a next time , we will plan it in such a way so that we will be able to visit Grand Canyon as well.nnWe enjoyed window shopping which we did more than actually buying things. Quite frankly it would have been no big task to spend a lot of money on the goods for sale. There were many shops that stocked wares that cost twenty thousand dollars or more. But what really caught our fancy was the movie blogs with bona fide signatures of actors. I nearly purchased a poster of this sort but changed my mind as i felt that I could use that money for some thing else.

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