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Learn The Formula For Writing A Best Seller Based On A Fictional Hero

07.24.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Have you ever dreamed of writing a best-selling story? Just imagine writing a novel based on your character’s hero or heroine?nnStories as diverse as Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code, and The Color Purple along with most good action adventure, thriller, romance, fantasy and literary novels use the classic mythical 12-part journey from zero to hero as their basic plot premise. nnYou must first establish parameters when telling a compelling story. Discover ways to start a story that will encourage sympathy from your reader. You should understand the heart and mindset of the hero or heroine. nnA character must transcend his normal existence and be tested in any good story. Examine the hero’s character and motivation. The character’s separation from his ordinary world leads him to take the necessary plot to reach his goals. nnHow this metaphorical transformation can and must occur at the quarter point of the hero’s journey is the only way to ensure growth and eventual plot resolution. Knowing this will help you in all areas of fiction writing.nnWriting is not just a way of entertaining readers, it is also a spiritual journey of enlightenment for the writer. At the midpoint in a story both the hero and the writer must be stretched to the limits of their imagination. nnExplore the hero and the writer transformation at the crucial plot point. Ensure the reader is transported by our story, its plot elements and our character.nnThe character’s ultimate reward is based on his or her ability to overcome the obstacles and achieve the agendas set out at the beginning of the story. Structure and resolve character development. Create endings that leave your reader gasping and begging for more. It’s all part of the hero’s journey.

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