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Learning to Lead

04.04.2009 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Leaders seem to abound the corporate world but with changes that happen in our times, what organizations really need are effective leaders. And just how does an organization address this? One way is through executive leadership trainings. However, another string of questions develop from this answer, like how does one know they are on the right track?nnBefore starting an executive leadership training program, it is imperative to establish where the leaders and the organization want to be at the end of the course. A clear vision of the goals of executive leadership training is crucial in taking the necessary steps to accomplish them. More often than not, an organization’s mission and vision serve as guides to the kind of leadership that must be present in the company, as these objectives and goals are meant to deliver benefits not only to the company but to its people, clients, and customers as well. nnAn organization’s vision and mission should be integrated into its executive leadership training program so that the latter can reinforce the goals and objectives of the company. In doing so, the vision and mission of the organization can support the training in embedding the core values to make the executives act in accordance with these values naturally and reflexively.nnAfter the organization has a clear picture of the importance of executive leadership trainings, it can already start identifying the people who will conduct such trainings. It is best to have trainers who are not associated with the company in any manner other than training alone. Trainers from the outside bring new ideas and disinterested feedback to the company, ensuring that the kind of training to be conducted will not just concentrate on a single person in the company, but will enhance the leadership skills of the executive team as a whole. These trainers need not charge the most expensive rates in the industry; they must just simply be neutral and balanced.nnThe kind of training to be given to the executive team is also a factor in the total success of the program. Leadership trainings must be transferable. Lessons learned in leadership trainings must not be limited within the circle of top-level leaders – executive managers must be able to pass them on to those who work under them so that the organization acts as single team working towards a common objective. Leadership by example is an approach that best describes this approach, and an organization can enhance this leadership style through trainings. An effective executive leadership training program acknowledges leadership by example as a positive disposition and teaches an organization’s executive management how to assume this behavior, develop it, and do it more often. nnIt is valuable to assess the performance of executives in terms of leadership from time to time. This allows an organization to gauge the growth of the executive team in motivating their peers and subordinates to draw nearer to the fulfillment of the company’s objectives.nnOverall, executive leadership trainings must be designed in relation to an organization’s needs. What is essential is that it must facilitate executives to grasp and appreciate that they serve as guides of the entire organization, and must work to minimize harm caused by ambiguous strategies and poor motivation.

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