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05.01.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is just a 35 minute drive south of Brisbane and is well worth a visit as it is full of Kangaroos, Possums, and Wombats and of course Koalas where you can cuddle up to one for a great photo.nnAustralia is famous for being the home of the kangaroo. However, koalas are also a large part of the Australian experience. The word koala comes from an aboriginal word meaning no drink. A koalas diet consists entirely of eucalyptus leaves, and no liquid is ever necessary. Koalas have hands specially for climbing, and each koala has a tree, which is considered their home. No other Koala will ever climb another home tree unless it is mating season. nnThis attractive and very slothful animal sleeps by day but often without attempting to hide. They have beautiful fur for which they have been terribly persecuted in the past when hundreds of thousands of koala skins were exported annually until protective laws were introduced. From near-extinction level have now increased but they are subject to various diseases and are vulnerable to many predators such as cats and dogs and often fall victim to bush fires.nnBiologists have announced that koalas have brains that do not fit their skulls. Instead, they have a shriveled walnut sized brain that rattles around in a fluid filled cranium. Koalas have sacrificed their brains for energy efficiency, since the gum leaves that they eat are toxic and it take 20% of their energy to remove these toxins from their system. nnA koalas pregnancy last for only thirty-five days and they produce one young a year. It’s growth and development takes place inside the mothers pouch. When they are around six months, the mother starts producing a substance known as pap, which the young feed on along with milk. Pap contains bacteria that will assist in the digestion of the eucalyptus leaves, when they become adults. At seven months they leave the pouch, and return only to nurse until they reach a year old.

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