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Know About The Top Most Web Development Trends in 2019

12.25.2018 · Posted in Web Articles, Writing and Speaking

Did you know that websites have their own importance to represent any business online? Web development helps in interaction with the audience and generates more and more business day-by-day. It has evolved drastically from the past 5 years.

You should know that continuous evolutions are going on and now, the web development industry has reached to a point that helps to generate a good source of revenue. Innovative web development and designing in WordPress or Shopify platform can be accomplished following the latest trends in order to assure complete security. Although, the trends come and go every year with an upgrade in some technology and specifications to ease the procedure of building a website.

When you are going to hire freelance web developer, get known to the latest web development trends that shouldn’t be overlooked in 2019 –

  • Progressive Web Apps –Progressive Web Apps are the best way to simplify the user interactions with a specific business. It is somehow related to the computer browser that oftentimes displays an application-like page in order to enable users to get a similar experience on mobile devices too.
  • Cryptocurrency and other Block Chain Technology –Block chain technology helps to transfer money through e-wallets. Cryptocurrency wallet exchange is one of its kind. It is reported that nearly 60% of the overall professional websites would be integrated with the features and functionality of Cryptocurrency to provide the benefits of digital payment with more security.
  • JavaScript and PHP 7.0 Usage – The recent version of PHP is PHP 7.0.X. This upgraded version comes with several features and added functionality that helps in doing simple coding for building a business website. In addition, JavaScript is used to make the website more functional and creative. When JavaScript programs are applied along with a programming language to code for specific software, then the produced outcome would be desired as per the requirement.
  • Usage of Typography – In the old approach of building business websites, typography is oftentimes ignored. However, when animations as well as graphics become immense popular, typography turn out be the best and top trend now. Dedicated web developers are working and learning new fonts to use trend of typography in a well-organized manner while doing website development.
  • Push Notifications Win Out – Just like mobile application running on Android and iOS, websites may be developed with the feature of push notifications. It can help you to reach a vast audience online and hence, influence the advantages of internet marketing.
  • Adaptability – It has become farthest now that people used to search something on the Internet outside their work by using computer. It is because, every one owns his/her own mobile phone and effectively use it within almost every 20 seconds. This helps to get the right information is just a click away.
  • Chat bots are Back – Chatbots have the capability to address customer support essentials in a quite effective manner. You can now chat bots 24*7 assistance and also, it decreases the need to hire a full-time representative for online customer service.

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