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Kick off a career in data science with this $10 Python course

08.13.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
TL;DR: Geared toward beginner and expert developers alike, this online Python bootcamp is on sale for just $9.99. It's normally $185, so you'll be saving a ton of money. 
One in four Americans polled for Chapman University's most recent annual survey of common fears confessed to being "Afraid" or "Very Afraid" of snakes and other reptiles. (Herpetophobia FTW.) Luckily, the Python skills most hiring managers are looking for nowadays are related to data science, not serpent handling, because "Python" with a capital P is the name of a popular and fast-growing object-oriented programming language. Read more... More about Coding, Python, Data Science, Mashable Shopping, and Shopping Onlinelearning
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