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Jogging Stroller With Swivel Wheel? Why It Might Be Right For You

09.08.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

A traditional three wheel jogger stroller may be a bad decision for you and your family!rnrnIn today’s fitness-conscious society many parents with a baby or young child want to continue to exercise – and they want to be able to do their workouts and have their baby join them. The answer for people that want to jog, inline skate or power-walk to stay in shape is a traditional jogging stroller for their family.rnrnTraditional jogging strollers have three wheels – two in the back and one in the front. The front wheel will be fixed in that the wheel does not swivel or turn. When you want to turn the stroller you tilt the stroller back onto its rear wheels to make the turn.rnrnThe fixed front wheel is perfect for people that run or jog everyday because it is what provides the stroller with the ability to roll straight and it also keeps the stroller very stable while in motion.rnrnThere are many moms and dads who want to use their stroller for running or jogging or in-line skating or powerwalking, but they also want to use to go to the store, or use it on a day at the zoo.rnrnThe fixed wheel is great for jogging but it becomes a nuisance when out shopping because the stroller has to be tilted back onto its rear wheels to make a turn. And it is not the easiest to manoeuvre down the aisles of a department store. rnrnThe producers of strollers have now realized that there is a segment (a large segment at that) that desire more flexibility in their jogger. Sure they want to use it for going on a run – but they don’t want to have to buy a second stroller for everyday purposes like going to the mall or taking their kids to the zoo. To address this need a new style of stroller has been introduced.rnrnThe big difference is that even though this new type of stroller still has two large back wheels (air-filled 16 inches in diameter which provide for a smooth ride and easy push) you gain flexibility in that the front wheel can swivel or it can be locked in place. When you want maximum maneuvarability like when you are out shopping or moving through a crowded airport you unlock the front wheel so that it swivels – making it easy to turn the stroller especially in ‘tight’ spaces. When it is time for you run or power-walk – you press a button on the stroller to lock the front wheel in place (straight-tracking mode).rnrn* Super for running, jogging, speed-walking or even inline skating on smooth surfacesrnrn* Get maximum use from your stroller. Take it to the grocery store or to a busy amusement park (the swivel front wheel makes tight turning a breeze) or go for a run with the front wheel locked-in place.rnrn* Made of lightweight material which means they are made for smooth rolling and easy pushing. You won’t be straining yourself to put the stroller into and out of the trunk of your car.rnrn* Super-durable and light. This new style stroller usually has an aluminum frame which means it will last a long time and shouldn’t rust.rnrn* Ultra-smooth riding. Your child will enjoy the smoothness of the ride. The stroller gets its smooth-ride from the 16″ large rear wheels.rnrn* Baby is safe and secure with the harness style (5 point harness) that these strollers are manufactured with.rnrn* Sun canopies that rotate 360 degrees so that they can be set in any location in order to protect your child’s face from damaging sunrays. rnrn* Easy to fold – They have a one step process for folding down to a compact size for storage or placing into a car trunk. rnrn* Flexible-height adjusting handle bar. If your partner is 6 foot 5, and you are five foot 2 you’ll want a stroller that has handle bars that can move up and down with the touch of a lever. Many of the ‘hybrid’ strollers now have flex-height handle bars.rnrn* Good value. For under $280 (on the world wide web) you can buy a well built, top quality ‘hybrid’ stroller with an adjustable front wheel (locks in place and with a push of a lever the wheel swivels).

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