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Jogging Stroller: The Baby Stroller For The Active Parent

08.22.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

All new parents need to get some kind of baby stroller that will allow them to go out and run errands and take care of business, while taking the baby along, but without trying to carry the baby and diaper bag. There are many styles and models of strollers on the market that parents can opt for and in recent years the jogging stroller has become a popular pick. Jogging strollers offer several advantages that set them apart from the more traditional types of strollers.nnJogger strollers refer to the kind of baby strollers that are built with three wheels instead of four, which is the configuration found on standard types of infant strollers. These baby jogger strollers are designed specifically for parents who are very active and who typically engage in outdoor activities, such as jogging, running, fitness walking, or simply walking quickly in order to take care of the many tasks of the day.nnJogging strollers can be used for a variety of situations, from moving across uneven terrain like hiking and walking trains, or flat surfaces like jogging tracks, or just for easy maneuverability when winding your way through busy sidewalks or a swarming shopping mall. Baby jogger stroller models have different sizes and types of wheels that are each designed for more of the indoor or flat surface uses, while other models are equipped specifically to deal with any kind of terrain or surface.nnWhen you are planning to buy a jogging stroller, there are several considerations to take into account. The first thing to consider is how the stroller will be used, for the most part. Will it primarily be used while running or while walking? Or, will it be used equally for both types of activities? Will you regularly be taking the baby in the stroller out to the park and on hiking trails where the terrain is uneven and rough?nnFor parents who are avid runners and like to get out into nature on off-road pathways, they should be looking at a jogging stroller with larger wheels. The ideal size of wheels for these uses is 20 inches. This size of the wheels on the baby jogger will give the stroller, and the baby inside, a much smoother ride when going over uneven or bumpy surfaces, and will help to maneuver over curbs and such. nnIf you expect to primarily be doing light jogging or walking for health and fitness, then the 16-inch wheel is probably a good choice. This size will provide good baby jogger performance, and while it can still be used for outdoor activities such as running, walking or hiking, it also performs well in other situations, such as shopping and maneuvering around stores. nnIf the parents will mostly be using the stroller for light walking, such as shopping, then a jogging stroller with a 12-inch wheel size is probably the best choice. This small wheel size enables the jogger to move around obstacles more nimbly, which can be particularly important for wending your way through stores with narrow aisles.nnThere are a number of other features to consider when shopping for jogging strollers. If you will be using the stroller on bumpy roads or trails, then you should be sure the stroller you select has a parking break. Also, you need to check to be sure that the baby jogger has a sturdy safety harness. This will guarantee that your child is well-secured during your outings.

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