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Joe Blasco Unveils Online Make-up Artist Training Program

09.23.2009 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

In addition to the development of Make-up Artist Television, or, the first online television broadcast exclusively for professional make-up artists, hairstylists, and make-up effects artists-a broadcast that has quickly become a daily viewing must for make-up and hair artists the world over-Joe Blasco has devised the first truly professional online make-up artist and hairstylist training program at Now, students of the craft can experience the highest quality make-up education in the comfort of their own homes, without incurring the expense of travel and lodging.rnThis online professional make-up and hair training process really shows and tells, providing the attendee with a great “edge” over others taught through less passionate and sophisticated means. Today, students at all make-up schools can actually see and learn what has made the Joe Blasco Schools the most sought after and respected in the industry. For a fraction of the cost of attending other training programs, students-online-can now actually experience and compare the Joe Blasco method to training methods utilized in other programs. No other school or training entity provides the prospective student with this unprecedented ability to see into its nucleus. In other words, prospective Joe Blasco students can sample their education before enrolling in the hands-on program, or they can custom-combine online and hands-on training in order to further enhance their learning experience, knowledge, and professional capabilities. These innovations and make-up industry firsts all spring from the entrepreneurial mind and spirit of Joe Blasco.rnrnCurrent professional make-up training methods have been derived by the methods developed and created by Joe Blasco from the mid-1960s through the late 1970s. These methods, which continue to be emulated by and incorporated into the curricula of all professional make-up schools worldwide, have now become obsolete in the fast-paced world of today’s technologies. In response, Joe Blasco has created a new state-of-the-art teaching method for students of professional make-up, thereby further advancing the ways in which professional make-up artistry is taught! By advancing the methods of teaching professional make-up application, they now meet the current criteria of today’s artistic and continuously changing technical media requirements.rnJust as Joe Blasco stood at the forefront of professional make-up artist training, he once again stands poised to forge new ground with the introduction of the world’s first professional online make-up artist training program, which is now available to artists at It is his ability to constantly evolve and recognize the demands of new technologies that has allowed him to once again break new ground through his incorporation of the Internet into his teaching process.rnIn realizing the importance of creating a true interactive experience, however, Mr. Blasco has decided not to rely entirely on the telecommuting power of the Internet. Instead, the Internet’s expansive reach has been incorporated into a more complete learning process. Students may receive hands-on training from experienced teachers at the Joe Blasco School facilities in order to supplement the initial online instruction.rnStudents are able to choose the online seminars conducted by Joe Blasco and other select make-up artists and may review them as often as necessary. After purchasing the required materials and practicing on their own in order to become confident in their abilities, they may then schedule a time to visit the school, where they can continue to practice and improve under instructor supervision. Once the instructor feels that students have achieved a high level of skill, the instructor will then recommend that they schedule a proficiency exam. Program certification confirms the student’s qualifications to work as a professional make-up artist in the fields of motion pictures and television.rnIn addition, students may purchase all materials at, an exceptional online professional make-up supply site that serves artists worldwide. This unique collaboration with the best and largest cosmetics supply houses in the U.S.A. and around the globe includes companies such as Naimie’s Beauty Center, Nigel’s Beauty Emporium, Frends Beauty Supply, and others still to come.rnJoe Blasco has had the foresight to bring self-taught learning and formal classroom instruction together into a complete make-up education program. Students of professional make-up artistry now benefit in all possible respects-not to mention that students enrolled at any Joe Blasco School can take the entire online training program absolutely free of charge!rnFor more information concerning this new program, please email [email protected] or call our Joe Blasco Make-up Artist Training Centers in Hollywood, California (323-467-4949) or in Orlando, Florida (407-363-1234).rnSo now, enjoy all that Joe Blasco has created

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