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10.21.2009 · Posted in Telecommunications Articles

Iverhartmax heartworm tablets are similar to Heartgard tablets in that both medications use ivermectin as the active ingredient. These tablets are given as both a treatment and a preventative. I will explain further shortly. I am sure you know that heartworms are serious business in our dogs but did you know that there are also natural alternative ways to protect your pets against heartworm? rnrnToday many pet owners are turning to alternative treatment in order to avoid some possible harsh side effects from using the traditional vet medicines on a long term basis. Imagine being able to protect your dog from heartworms in a safe and effective manner and save a few dollars in the process.rnrnFirst we will take a look at Iverhartmax heartworm tablets. rnrnIVERHARTMAX HEARTWORM TABLETS rnrnOne dose per monthrnrnAlso treats multiple species of roundworms, hookworms, and tapewormsrnrnPre-packaged in 4 weight size rangesrnrnChewable tablet rnrnUses active ingredient ivermectinrnrnFORMS OF CONVENTIONAL HEARTWORM TREATMENTrnrnA slow **** method using a ivermectin based medicine such as Heartgard or IvermaxrnrnA fast **** method using Immiticide which contains an arsenic compound rnrnSurgical removal of the heartworms from the heart and arteries leading to the heartrnrnMost people do not realize that when we say heartworm prevention medicine we are talking about medicines that actually treat heartworm larvae that are already in our dog

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