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It Never Hurts to Start Young

09.09.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Bobby LaPonte is admittedly merely a kid. He is six seasons young, the only child of his parents, and lives with his family in Johns Creek, Ga. .nnBut Bobby possesses huge goals. Despite being jovial in age, he’s completely focused on his dream to someday drive in NASCAR’s big leagues, the Sprint Cup Series. nnBobby’s aspirations are so big, really, that he habitually dreams about racing with the big boys. As per to his folks, Larry and Nancy, he even makes the sound of NASCAR cars while asleep.nnLarry feels that his boy acquired his love of racing while still inside his mother. nn”I raced the amateur track course tour for ten seasons,” he claimed. “When my spouse was pregnant with Bobby, she would always come to watch me compete and we believe that is when Bobby started his passion for racing.”nnA lot like Jeff Gordon and his girl Ella, the LaPontes have photographs of young Bobby climbing in and back out his father’s auto when he was merely a toddler.nnBobby would drive each day if he was able to, and he becomes that chance with the extensive race season, from March until November, in the Southern part of the country. He and his father race each Saturday and Sunday, regularly traveling to other states, which include Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennessee, to take part in their local races.nnThis past July, Bobby participated in his first countrywide title event. He won his semifinal group competition.nnBobby is quick to tell you that he drives in quarter midgets, a smaller type of the USAC ****** Sprint cars that Cup drivers like NASCAR’s title point head Tony Stewart started his career driving.nnBobby lets you recognize that since he plans to trail in Stewart’s footprints and take that equal path in his own driving career. nnThis little guy indeed is looking forward to satisfying his huge NASCAR dreams, that of racing with his idols in the years in store.

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