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It Is Possible To Run Your Car Or Truck On Water

08.29.2009 · Posted in Cars Articles

Have you heard about water technology or brown gas? If you haven’t and you are a car owner then you need to read this article right now so that you can learn how you can save up to 70% on your fuel costs!rnrnWith the rising oil and gas prices, global warming and pollution, people are looking for the need of “water fuel cell” technology, which is believed to be very cheap, would save thousands on gas bills and which is also environment friendly. Many misconceptions and myths have made common man skeptical about running the car on water. But the question is “how to run your car on water?”rnrnLearning how to run your car on water is like learning how to bake a cake. All you need is a well written set of guided instructions and the ingredients to make it happen. Just as you don’t need to be an expert chef in order to bake a cake with the right set of instructions, just about anyone at any technical level can convert their car to burn water and gas.rnrnThis is based on a hundred year old technology called electrolysis. When you separate the components of water it forms a gas called HHO or which is sometimes called Brown’s Gas. rnrnThe Brown’s gas is directed into the engine via the air manifold to mix with the gasoline. With the right proportions in the gas mix, the combustion will be efficient and more complete, freeing more energies for the car. This will significantly increase the mileage of the vehicle. Reports have revealed some cars doubling their mileage because of this hydrogen generator system.rnrnWith proper instructions and materials, you can construct and install a device that extracts HHO. Then feed that HHO gas to your vehicle’s engine fuel intake system. HHO gas is extracted from water by electrolysis.rnrnIf you want to run your car on water, you need to spend around a few 100 dollars for carrying out a simple modification work. This modification will ensure that water is properly converted back to Brown gas, which acts as fuel for running your car on water.rnrnIf you run your car on water then you can expect to benefit in many different ways and not just by saving cash. You can also help to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of emissions which your car spills out of the exhaust. If you run your car on water or brown gas, then you can cut your emissions by more than half because most of the emissions will be steam and water which means that you will be doing the world some good as well as your pocket some good!

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