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It might take a century to achieve gender parity. Here’s how to help speed it up.

12.18.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
It might take a century to achieve gender parity. Here's how to help speed it up.Maybe some trees will get to see gender parity worldwide.  A new report from the World Economic Forum finds that at the current rate of change, we'll need to wait another hundred years before achieving global gender parity.  The report, an annual analysis of gender gaps around the world, focuses on four main categories: educational attainment, health and survival, political empowerment, and economic participation.  Based on the category, the timeline for gender parity deviates. Right now, for instance, "only a handful of countries" are approaching equality with respect to women's economic participation. At current rates, we'll need another 257 years to achieve equality in economic participation worldwide. (Around the world, just over half of adult women are in the labor market, according to the report's authors.)  Read more... More about Charity, Gender Equality, Global, Worldwide, and Gender Issues

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