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Is Viral marketing Important?

12.05.2009 · Posted in Internet Marketing

In lots of cases, a good number of Internet Marketers will intice other Internet Marketers with a substantial subscriber base to hawk their products and/or services. For example, they may agree to exchange advertisements as a method of building their own subscriber list.rnrnHowever, rather than simply depending on just your subscriber list, what if you could increase your profits by leveraging the use of other marketer’s subscriber list?rnrnTo be clear, Internet Marketing is ultimately a business of numbers. And, you should know that your list is most probably not the largest list available. And, there is at least a few others whose list is much larger than yours. It’s a never ending cycle, Internet Marketers are always looking to sell new products and services. If you can craft products (such as master resell rights or no restriction private label rights products) and assign them the privileges to retail your products with your ads in it, you will be the recipient of free adverstising and the list owners are happy to do it!rnrnRealistically, when promoting a product or service to your list of readers, you are somewhat handicapped in that you are limited to promote to your list only one or two times a month, but when you let others advertise your products or services you don’t abuse your own list and at the same time you are increasing your chances of profitability.rnrnThe Massive Power Of Growing ExponentialllyrnrnA fair amount of unsavvy Internet Marketers don’t use viarl marketing because of unwarranted and selfish reasons. They have a concept of one person promoting and not sharing the profits is better than many people promoting the products and services and sharing the profits. Wrong.rnrnTo illustrate here’s a quick math quiz. If you had a choice of $100,000 per month or the profits of a viral marketing campaign starting at $0.01 per day and doubling everyday for a month, which would you take?rnrnLet’s see!rnDay 1-$0.01×2=$0.02, Day 2-$0.02×2=$0.04, Day 3-$0.04×2=$0.08, Day 4-$0.08×2=$0.16, Day 5-$0.16×2=$0.32, Day 6-$0.32×2=$0.64, Day 7-$0.64×2=$1.28, Day 8-$1.28×2=$2.56, Day 9-$2.56×2=$5.12, Day 10-$5.12×2=$10.24, Day 11-$10.24×2=$20.48, Day 13-$20.48×2=$40.96, Day 14-$40.96×2=$81.92, Day 15-$81.92×2=$163.84, Day 16-$163.84×2=$327.68,… Day 30-$2,864,354,56×2=$5,368,709.12! MILLIONS! The above illustration, be it purely a series of mathmatical computations, clearly tells us that viral marketing can lead to millions! rnrnDo you see the power of viral marketing?rnrnWhether you are getting one new subscriber a day or one sale a day, you will be able to make lots of traffic entirely by viral marketing only!rnrnNow to be realistic, even with the infinite growth potential on the Internet, there will come a time where there is a saturation point. However, that does not defeat the fact that there are millions of potential customers and there are others who are eager to promote your products for you!rnrnHaving many viral marketing channels is a great marketing strategy.

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