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Is A Hydrogen Gas Saver For You ?

10.01.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

If you are handy with simple basic automotive tools or have a knack for tinkering, you could be reaping the benefits of having a hydrogen gas saver installed in your car. The primary benefits of this system include increased gas mileage but given the addition on hydrogen to your fuel mix you could also expect reduced emissions, reduced operating costs, and a contribution to a greener environment.nnIn order to install a hydrogen gas saver system, you have a variety of options. One of the options is to build your own system from the components purchased locally at local automotive supply stores, home improvement type stores or specialty distributors. The cost of equipment for the do-it-yourself (DIY) kits varies from around $200 to several thousand dollars. There are a number of online sources for detailed instructions of doing this kind of installation, the most notable of which are referred to as water for gas kits.nnHydrogen gas saver conversion kits basically work as miniature hydrogen plants in your vehicle. Using as little as a quart of water these systems are able to extract hydrogen gas from the water using a small amount of electric current from the vehicle’s charging system. The hydrogen gas extracted from the water is then introduced into the air fuel mixture already entering your vehicle through the induction system. These types of systems are adaptable to almost every vehicle that rolls or floats. From all terrain vehicles a.k.a. ATV’s to yachts there is a hydrogen gas saver kit out there for you.nnIf you really want to invest in a hydrogen gas saver but the do-it-yourself way is not your cup of tea, you can just as easily find deluxe models on the market. Typically, the manufacturer or a licensed professional can install a high-end hydrogen gas saver system in your vehicle.nnYou will probably have difficulty locating installation centers in areas where there is no hydrogen plant or hydrogen fueling stations nearby. The technology is new enough that most places do not commonly have conversion services for installation of hydrogen gas saver. In the absence of an installation center you could approach the closest center to you or consult others for information about retrofitting your vehicle. Some of the online guides for these systems also list people that are experienced in making and installing the system based on location.nnEven though the company offering a kit or installation instructions to convert your car’s fueling system to the hydrogen gas saver might claim that installation will not affect your car’s manufacturer warranty, make sure you call or otherwise speak with the dealer who sold the car to you, or even the main office of your car’s manufacturer. Make sure to get any statements in writing to protect yourself.nnNo matter what type of installation you choose, converting your vehicle’s fuel to a hydrogen gas saver model can be the right choice for your wallet and the environment. Certain kits might even qualify for a tax credit from the IRS when tax time rolls around putting even more money in your pocket.

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