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Is Mutual Fund Software for Distributors Efficient in Reducing Risk?

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The business of the distributors possess high risk which involves dealing with multiple portfolios at a time in order to deliver desired result to each client without suffering loss on the invested amount. The management of these multiple portfolio manually isn’t possible for distributors and thus need an assistant who can help advisors to deal effectively with all such portfolios. To ease the operations of distributors the REDVision Technologies has introduced the digital platform in the form of Mutual Fund Software for Distributors which conveniently regulates multiple portfolios of the clients.

Benefits to the advisors:

  • Systematic reports generation for investment planning.
  • Multiple transactions can be performed.
  • Financial calculators for estimating future returns
  • Retain clients for long term while attracting new one.
  • Several clients are easily managed and get services.

Issues in lack of platform:

  • Difficult to serve each client.
  • High cost of transactions.
  • Typical to retain clients for long term.
  • No goal based investment or planning.
  • No data management

Those businesses have maximum chances of getting success which have adopted software for accomplishing back operations of the business and also are doing well along with setting benchmarks in the industry. The digital platform is essential for each business and advisors to exist for long term in the market and to compete with the rival firms.

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