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Interpersonal Skills: The foundation of a career

09.09.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

The 11th and 12th standard or popularly known as Junior College in Maharashtra determines which the career direction the student want to construct their path, as they get acquainted with their career options. Hence, it is of prime importance that the first step should be taken in the right direction by opting for the right college along with the right stream. At junior college in pune, students develop the skill to fluently and effectively interact and communicate with the people- broadly known as Interpersonal Skills.

One of the top-rated Junior College of Pune, MIT Junior College proved to be the right path that students desire for converting their dreams into reality. MIT or Maharashtra Institute of Technology was established in 1983 by Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, who is a pioneer in the field of education. MIT JC offers admission in streams of Science- PCM, PCB, and PCMB. MIT JC offers both residential and day-boarding facilities. It also emphasizes the Interpersonal Skill of the students preventing them from becoming either introverts or extroverts.

The programs and activities organized at MIT JC ensure that student actively participates in them, as per their interests. Interpersonal skills comprise of listening, verbal and non-verbal communication, etc. The activities promote teamwork and engrave the skills of leadership, patience, and understanding. The plays and drama help to inculcate the feeling of sympathy and empathy into the children. Also, proper attention is given to the skills that will be required in college and the organization too. Students develop the habit of listening to their classmates, teachers, and others, which help them to comprehend others perspective and easily making others understand theirs.  Students develop new and out-of-the-box methods for problem-solving, getting innovative and creative.

Students at the top junior college of Maharashtra, MIT JC appreciate the efforts of one another and co-ordinate hand-in-hand with each other. At MIT JC emphasis is laid on providing a positive environment to the students so that they never get depressed and if they do so they are given due attention. These Interpersonal skills tend to remain with the students throughout their lifetime and play a pivotal role in shaping the character of the student.

The selection of stream is very crucial; hence this decision must be taken very wisely and with utmost precaution. After all, for constructing a strong monument, a strong foundation is mandatory.  For more information, or resolution of queries, visit

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