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If you’re hosting a holiday party, you desperately need one of these

12.13.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
If you're hosting a holiday party, you desperately need one of theseTL;DR: Dyson vacuum cleaners are currently on sale at Walmart and Amazon for up to 54% off.
Nothing says "holidays" like judgy relatives. If they're not interrogating you about your (nonexistent) love life at this year's annual family get-together, you can bet they'll be silently critiquing everything from the way you've prepared the mashed potatoes down to the thoroughness of your vacuuming. 'Tis the season (or something). Speaking of — if you need a new vacuum cleaner ahead of the party you're hosting later this month, now's a great time to buy. Retailers have been going all-out on robot vacuum deals since before Black Friday (they're basically the new Instant Pot), and there were still plenty of sales to pick through the last time we checked. But if you're not in the market for an autonomous, dirt-sucking droid — hey, we've got to stave off that impending robot apocalypse for as long as we can — you'll be happy to know that we managed to scrounge up some discounts on traditional models by Dyson, one of the most well-known names in the vacuum cleaner biz. Read more... More about Dyson, Cleaning, Vacuums, Mashable Shopping, and Tech

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