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I Believe in Musical Ring Tones

07.30.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Who doesn’t love a favourite tune bringing back memories of school, college, the first date, first love? And the most convenient way to remember that moment or period would be to download the ring tone of a song associated with that time. Of course there could be situations where someone else’s ring tone could bring back memories of the most horrendous situations that one would very strongly want to forget! With the number of cell phone users forever on the rise, it is only to be expected that both these opposing kinds of situations will be faced by most of us. These tunes have a similar effect to the power of an odour or perfume, which, whether good or bad, when I close my eyes brings back vivid pictures of an incident in my life. nnInteresting notes:nn1. Ring tones are the sound made by any phone, whether mobile or fixed (land line), indicating that a call or message is being received by that instrument. The proper nomenclature should be ‘ring sound’ as in many cases there is no aspect of a ‘tone’ to itnn2. Research had shown that a single long ring to indicate an incoming call usually meant the person would wait for the instrument to stop ringing before picking it up. For this reason the ring – pause – ring system evolved. Of course now, melody based ring tones play the whole snippet of a song so the pause doesn’t apply.nn3. Modern receivers allow adjustments to the volume and offer many variations in the type of ring tone to allow differentiation between two or more instruments lying side by side and also suit customers specific requirements, such as for the hearing impaired.nn4. Electronic ring tones started replacing mechanical ones late in the 1980s, progressing from single tones to those playing two, three or more tones and further on to melodies.nn5. Customised ring tones on mobile phones started off in 1996 with Japanese manufacturers offering a number of options.nn6. 1998 saw the advent of the hugely popular downloadable ring tones.nn7. Real tones came in late 2002 and are usually taken from popular songs.nnI really believe the power of music can do wonders and ring tones are a perfect embodiment of that. A particular ring tone can cheer me up, make me sad, bring a smile to my lips or a tear to my eye. Recently I suddenly heard a snippet from ABBA’s hugely popular Waterloo playing on someone’s mobile and an image flashed across my eyes of a bright lazy Sunday afternoon in autumn spent in the company of a group of friends, up on the hills. The friend who loved that particular song and played it incessantly was mistakenly shot dead outside his place of business just over a decade back. All it took to for me to go back in time and remember his being were a few bars of a song playing out on stranger’s mobile ring tone!

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