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Hydrogen For Cars Represents Way The Ahead

06.22.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

With gas prices soaring to outrageous levels every possible replacement or alternative to our dependence on fossil fuels is being closely evaluated. and this extend to the highly financed energy commissions through to the everyday consumer looking to get more mileage from their gas tank. Hydrogen for cars not only offers us the opportunity to explore new energy horizons, it also opens up tremendous possibilities for us to improve the way we travel altogether.nn Hydrogen gas is an important contender to replace fossil fuels as an energy source for combustion engines. It can be found in most things including water to the compost heap in your backyard. The high degree of availability makes hydrogen gas a valuable and attractive resource to consider.nn The methods for the production of hydrogen for cars vary greatly, but all are more efficient and cleaner than fossil fuel production. For example a refinery for gasoline production that would require three hundred billion gallons of water to produce gasoline, would be require one million gallons of water if it were producing the same amount of hydrogen.nn The gallon of gasoline equivalent to hydrogen costs about half as much as gasoline but improves fuel economy by over two-thirds more. Hydrogen fuel also decreases engine operating temperatures, all but eliminating emissions as well as the unwanted carbon footprint.nn Availability of hydrogen for cars is currently a big drawback for production of hydrogen- fueled vehicles. The possibilities of home hydrogen fueling stations is a reality but at the time of the writing of this article, not an affordable one for every home.nn An explosion of new vehicle designs will emerge when hydrogen fuel powered cars become the standard in the automobile industry. The electricity to power these vehicles would be generated within a much smaller engine from the hydrogen fuel, thereby eliminating many of the limitations imposed not only by the size of gasoline engines, but also those restrictions based on the heat produced by a gasoline engine. Limitations from designing around current driveline equipment would also be eliminated by the new hydrogen-fueled vehicles.nn Hydrogen for cars will become more cost effective as hydrogen production increases, creating a new era of energy consumption. Using hydrogen will decrease society’s dependence on fossil fuels, an added benefit for the environment. The reality is that gas prices will not retreat much from this current high mark, which will only increase the pace at which hydrogen fueled cars and the equipment needed to make them a reality develops.

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