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How To Take an Orlando Vacation on a Budget

09.26.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

DRG Property Services offers many housing options such as townhouses, condo’s and regular homes at rates that are affordable for many families. You can save money too by going on vacation during the “off season” such as after Labor Day. The kids are back in school and the traditional vacation season dies down dramatically and you can take advantage of the great weather well into the fall season.nnStocking a home with food that has a kitchen is a great money saver. DRG properties offer kitchens that make feeding your family a lot less expensive than eating out every night at expensive restaurants. Make sure you know where the local grocery stores are or if you are driving pack your food in an insulated cooler.nnRenting a car on line can usually save you money than making a phone call. Rent an economy car but when you go to pick up the car always ask for an upgrade. Economy cars go fast and most car companies will offer upgrades at no additional cost. If you don’t ask, you probably wont get the upgrade.nnYou can research who has the best air fare rates into Orlando by booking flights on-line and preferably 2 weeks in advance. Really cheap air fare usually has restrictions so be sure to read any of the small print. It may be a good idea to call on an experienced travel agent who may help if need be.nnAfter your week at the place you rented, please remember to leave the house as clean as you found it. Most property services companies charge a hefty fee to clean (or repair) a house that goes beyond just a normal cleaning. For example, take all the trash out, clean the kitchen and put all furniture back where it was. Report any problems immediately to the property owners so quick repairs can be made.

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