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How To Mail Gifts To India

09.14.2009 · Posted in Articles On Opportunities

Online shopping is physically analogous to buying products in a shopping mall. To purchase products online, e-shop, e-store, online store, virtual store and web shop are now available on the internet. Online catalogs and mail order catalogs facilitate the consumers to buy or even send products through e-mail. Whether the web store has storefront or not, it can have retail website for business to consumer transactions. In 1992, the first online book store was commenced after which online banking and online shopping were developed rapidly. The concept of online shopping was developed from experiments involving real time transactions through televisions. The accelerated advancement in technology has paved way for the consumers to even send gifts to different parts of the world through online shopping services. rnrnShopping can be envisioned as a pyramid shaped structure at the apex of which is the elegant boutiques for the opulent. The base of the pyramid is occupied by people below the poverty line and rest of the pyramid depends upon their labor. Although online shopping is an addendum to the technological advancement, only middle and upper class women are profited as it demands access to internet and debit cards. This profile is constantly changing and for the betterment of middle class women, web shops offer discounts and accept returns. rn rnSubstantially, people use search engines to find online stores and if the first shopping experience is impressive, they always go back to the same web store. Though clothes, accessories, cosmetics, nutrition products are being purchased online, books are extensively purchased because it offers more freedom and control than shopping in a store. Travelers buy tickets online as it can be done in a jiffy and is easier to compare airline travel. rnrnOnline shoppers use credit cards to make the payment or create accounts and pay by debit cards, cash on delivery and gift cards. Certain websites do not accept international credit cards while other websites accept customers from all over the world to send gifts to any part of the world. After the payment, goods can be delivered in different ways such as downloading software or music, shipping the product to customer

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