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How To Give Yourself A Mood Boost

09.12.2011 · Posted in Depression Articles

There are many changes you can make in life to give yourself a mood boast. Boosting your mood certainly helps to brighten up your day and build your confidence in dealing with the daily hassles of day. Those changes do not have to be major overhaul. Just simple ones which will take as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day can certainly make a huge difference to your life. rnrnTo give you a better idea, here are some tips to help you whenever you are down and get demoralized for whatever reason.rnrnIf you have 5 to 10 minutes, you can:rnrn1. Take out your daily goal planner. Write down the goals you want to accomplish and once completed, create another planner called daily goals accomplished and put them down there.rnrn2. Take the weight off your feet by eating one of your 5 daily portions of fruit or vegetables.rnrn3. Listen to music. Simply by doing that can help to brighten your day. It does not have to a hot rock music but just cool and refreshing type that can help you to relax better.rnrn4. Going for a jog, swim or walk can help to clear your mind and help you to think and see things better.rnrnIf you have 15 to 20 minute, you can:rnrn1. Clear and tidy your room or home.rnrn2. Read newsapapers, magazines or any book you enjoy.rnrn3. Make a list of all the people you have not been in touch with and schedule a time to call them.rn4. Write down what you have enjoyed doing so far during the day in your journal.rnrn5. Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes and enjoy the silence, sound of rain or chirping birdsrnrnIf you have 30 minutes and more, you can:rnrn1. Watch a movie.rnrn2. Play video games.rnrn3. Treat your family or friends to a meal.

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