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How To Get Your Own Home Day Care Center

06.20.2009 · Posted in Family Articles

There can be a lot of different reasons fueling someone’s motivation to work from home. Most of the time is comes for a desire to be involved directly in the taking care and the raising of their children. Unfortunately, this also means that if they want to work from home and have their children around, there’s some at-home opportunities that they can’t take advantage of because of the constant interruptions that go hand in hand with it.nnOne of the best ways to sort of have the best of both worlds is to run an at home day care center. If you enjoy spending time around kids, not only your own but also other people’s, then you might have a shot. You also have to be open to the idea that your house will be open to other people, as there’s no other way around it. As you can see, not everyone will be cut out for this.nnTraining will be the first hurdle you’ll need to clear. Different states will require different training and certification levels before you have the authorization to take children into your home. The common denominator is that you’ll have to take the CDA, which stands for Child Development Associate. You’ll also be submitted to an inspection, which will verify that your house meets basic safety requirements for young children.nnAbout one hundred and twenty (120) hours of training is what you’ll have to complete in order to get the CDA. As for the other requirements, they’ll largely depend on which state you live in, and that includes a minimum number of children that you have under your care before being recognized as a day care operator.nnIf you feel unable to complete the CDA (or you simply don’t want to and are fine with that) then you can still offer baby sitting services on an ongoing basis, but you would be limited as to the number of children that you are allowed to take.nnAnother big problem that people may have is learning to meet all of the children’s needs within the home and not just caring for their own child-or prioritizing their own child’s needs over the other children in their care. All of the children in your care will be needing your time, yet seeing your child upset may draw you to them and this is a disservice to the other children who need your time too.nnKeeping the children safe is very important, but keeping them happy is just as important. They will need to be involved in regular activities that will stimulate their imagination. Getting everybody involved will not necessarily be easy, since some kids will undoubtedly want to to other stuff, or just don’t like integrating with other children. Your house will need to be spacious enough for the children to play, nap, and do all the activities that you may arrange for them.nnDiscipline and your own demeanor are another important consideration. If you are prone to losing your temper, or are unable to handle discipline in a calm and level manner whilst following the instructions of the child’s parents, you would not be suited to this line of work.nnPeople who get enjoyment out of spending extended periods of time with groups of children may find that opening an at-home day care center is a perfect solution to supplement their income.

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