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How to Develop Your Own Quality?

09.02.2011 · Posted in Holidays Articles

First, I want to ask a very old problem: If you paralyzed tomorrow,will you regret on the previous time ?I think most people would regret in some ways more or less.Some people regret they don’t learn, and other people regret they not to chase the fancy girl, and some regret they not to seize the opportunity.rnNumerous articles are telling you regrets are useless,and you should look forward.They are all nonsenses, who did not know sorry has no use?The key is how don’t you feel regret?I think it is not regretful even if you’ve been playing online games during the past, neglecting their studies or barreling the love, because you enjoy playing the game and you get happy.There are many people who can not find a simple pleasurel,but you can have happy,which is enough.Life is the ultimate fun after all,and do not take hard working as normal rush for years absolutely.How much time is our own?I do not advise you to be negative,and the fact is that you “normal” to live is a contribution to society.Drug use is the ultimate pleasure, but the cost of this to burn the life ,which is desirable,the same as alcohol, tobacco.rnSo wether to regret the events of the past all depends on your understanding.In fact, I always feel that *** is fair. It shut up your window, and will open a door for you.For example, we often sympathize with people with intellectual disabilities.In fact,because their hearts is pure, there are more happiness than you and me.rnTo sure you are not regretful is not let you to go indulge later, but let you throw away the mental burden.From now on,work and enjoy life to find a higher level.rnWhen you do not recall the past with regret mentality, you can clearly see your character, weaknesses, past failures,and you can avoid the failure to the maximum extent in the future.Remembrance is a review and summary, but regret can bring you nothing in addition to down.rnI like some young people who encountered many setbacks.They look realistic more mature, strong compared to peers.Children who are much smoothly usually seemed more aggressive, arrogant, vulnerable.I even suggested “good” children who are good from small to adult to learn the most important life lesson: Failure.rnThis failure is not a test of the second kind of freak, or you can not afford the expensive of bag, but you can almost destroy the kind of bitter of the spiritual pillar.Children who get up from this pool of blood is very strong in the reconstruction of the spiritual support .

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