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How To Care For Your Body While Bodybuilding Over 40

11.07.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Today is a great day to get in shape! People think that only twenty-somethings can have those perfect, muscular bodies, but that’s not true in the least; more and more people are discovering the fun of bodybuilding over 40. No matter what your age, there are going to be precautions to take to protect yourself.nnYou have to understand how the body matures, and to do that you should look at other people who are bodybuilding over 40 to see why and how they are successful. Look at people who have a similar body type to your own and whose goals match your own, and consider using them as a template. Consider copying their training programs and schedules. They use a slow, gradual build up in their reps, weights, and cycles.nnWhen bodybuilding beyond 40, you need a longer cycle that will give your body the rest it needs. Because it’s not accustomed to this sudden exercise, your body needs time to recover.nnA sample program many people have found useful is: target a muscle group for day 1, rest on days 2-3, target a second muscle group on day 4, rest on days 5-6. On day 7 exercise the rest of your body, and take two more days to recover. As your body gets into better shape you’ll find yourself able to cut back on your rest days.nnDon’t start to work with too much weight. Many younger people begin with a higher weight. This isn’t because they’re healthier and stronger than you, it’s because their bodies can heal from strains and pulls more swiftly. Start at a low weight you feel comfortable with. Starting small gives you extra control while you learn to perform the proper lifts and work with the machines properly.nnYou should begin bodybuilding over 40 by using higher repetitions with your lighter weights. 15 reps are a good place to start. Some experts recommend a periodized style where every other cycle you use slightly more weight but perform fewer reps. It will be up to you to determine when your body can repair and renew fast enough to begin this type of training. Eventually, you will be able to lower the reps and add weight at every cycle.nnAnd you shouldn’t forget to warm up if you don’t want to hurt yourself. Stretch first, and then perform a 5 to 10 minute cardio routine to gt the blood going. This should be followed by an exercise to target the muscle group you’re going to be working with by lifting only half the weight for ten reps. An example would be that someone who wanted to lift 200 pounds should warm up by lifting 100 or less.nnIf you’ve been injured in the past, remember to protect it. It doesn’t matter if it’s ten or twenty years old, you should still be careful so you don’t re-injure yourself. Talking to your doctor before you begin any exercise regime is a good idea, especially when it concerns those old injuries. He might be able to give you advice on what exercises to avoid, or supply you with a brace.nnThese are simple tips for anyone interested in bodybuilding over 40. If you have other questions, or you’re worried about hurting yourself, ask for a trainer to help you. A trainer will be able to show you how to get the best out of your body. You can also visit my website if you want to find more tips and workouts. Be careful, and remember that asking for help is a good way to get ready for a stronger workout later, and getting you on the path to fitness the right way.

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