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How to bring more money to your business with a six points story.

05.05.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

What best than an online buisiness to get out of the rat race ans start to make some money fast ? It’s international and certainly is much less expensive to start than an offline one. But be wary, there is a downside to it…nnAnything can be done on the internet, and that’s why it is both an exciting and terrifying tool. Put yourself in your potential buyer’s shoes : how can they know that you are a real person, with an honest business, and that you won’t rip them off of everything they have? How can they know that they can trust you ?nnFirst, before getting to trust your business, they will have to trust you as a person.nnIf people were to meet you in real life, they would be able to determine wether they would like to work with or buy from you based on their appreciation of who you are, the way you talk, move, look like. It’s human nature to do so. nnNo such thing on the internet. nnThe solution is to give them an overview of who you are, by giving them your story: where you come from, what youve done, why youve done it and why they would benefit from listening to you. Personnal stories are extrememly powerful, however you need to respect some rules in order not to scare your potential buyers away. nnWhy not try those six steps to write your story in a powerful way:nn1. Introduce yourself to the worldnnLike : Hi, my name is X, and I am the creator of Y. Simple, straight to the point. You are not hiding what you are doing here. And your position yourself as an authority, because you are the author of something. nn2. BackgroundnnA little paragraph of who you are: where you come from, where you live, your familly, what are your dreams. Short but full of content : the more similar content people find from their own life, the more they will be ready to trust you with what follows. Also a very quick sentence on how you had a problem and you found the solution nn3. What was life like before, or the problemnnUse emotions to describe what was your problem, with practical exemples people can relate to, (Hey ! He cant stand having to go do his laudry, just like me ! We are the same ! I have to talk to that guy) so that it could go like this : I hated doing my laudry cause I cant stand loosing valuable time where I could be doing something else, it makes me want to just live *****. (I’m sure you can find a better exemple than me ;-)nn4. All that changed whennnDescribe how it changed when you discovered your opportunity. Show it with emotions again. (When I discovered that I could have someone pick up my underwear for me, wash them and bring them back completely white, it was like having my life back again, I was so happy)nn5. A powerfull explanation on how to get there nnIt’s best to have a specific and simple exemple. Just like explaining how to get this person pick up your laudry : pick up the phone, dial the number Ill give you, talk to the person, tell them your adress and they will come. It will do the job for you as it did for me ! People like to know exactly what they will have to do.nn6. WARNINGnnDid you feel attracted to this point? That’s because “warning” is a powerful word. It goes back to our survival instincts. We want to be aware of any possible threat. This will allow you to chase away the trouble makers and only attract people that are suitable for your business. It also gives you more credit, its all about positioning. Exemple : This is for SERIOUS people who HATE laudry. Make sure that’s you before you join. nnIt is important that you keep this story short. It may be a fascinating one to you and you familly, but to a stranger it will mostly be a lot of reading that separates him from his end goal (finding a solution to his own problem). You don’t want to bore them before they get to the exciting part (what you have to offer).nnA plus: add pictures of you having fun. Energy passes very well through images.

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