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How The Right Self Esteem Activities Can Boost Your Chances Of Success

10.29.2009 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Practically almost every endeavor we take up is dependent on our self confidence. With zero self confidence, we may never get anything done because we are simply not motivated to accomplish the task we set for ourselves. When we lack self confidence it does not necessarily mean that we lack the desire to achieve, it simply means we repeatedly question ourselves, particularly with the words, “What if I fail?”rnnThis is not an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, one out of three people question themselves even when making every day decisions. We are naturally self conscious, and we are averse to failure, but it comes as a surprise to me when people lament about their lack of success. Most people’s lack of success comes not from trying, but instead, the complete opposite. Most people do not even bother to try after questioning their own abilities, choosing instead to play it safe.rnnSo how can anyone blame anyone else for their lack of achievement?rnnWhen we do not feel good about ourselves it is definitely harder for us to believe in our own power to succeed. While a considerable number of people realize that self confidence is a contributive factor to success, many do not quite understand the ways to boost their self confidence to an optimum level for success.rnnThere are a great many number of ways that one can bring about the best in themselves and boost their self esteem. The first thing anyone should have to begin with is a positive self esteem. Having a positive self esteem enables a person to go further and gives them the ability to work harder, as they would have the strong belief that success is within their grasp, and they simply need to push through to seize success.rnnThe key to ensuring the effectiveness of self esteem activities lies in time management. We are given 24 hours each day, and how we spend those 24 hours is crucial to our successes or failures. Spend the time with unproductive endeavors and we would eventually feel as though nothing worthwhile has been accomplished.rnnThis would of course cause us to feel miserable, compared to when we actually spend time performing meaningful activities such as charity work or personal development. Such activities liberate us and brings us great satisfaction to us as an individual, as a sentient being. Discovering that we can make the lives of others better through our deeds empowers us and encourages us to do better. Feeling good in turn puts us in the positive mindset that we need to be in, in order for us to achieve success.rnnAnother thing that helps us boost our self esteem is the ability to prioritize and organize our life in an orderly manner. Knowing what others demand from you and having the ability to complete the tasks you are given will give you a sense of achievement. Being organized helps you complete your given tasks in a timely manner, and so you should always try to prioritize and keep up a good sense of organizational skills.

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