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How The Aller-7 Formula Prevents Seasonal Allergies

04.04.2009 · Posted in Health Care Articles

The Aller-7 formula by Vitabase gives natural sinus and also allergy support for the immunity struggling individual. It has a patent that is pending and contains a formula with a proprietary blend consisting of seven natural herb extracts that are clinically formulated and also standardized to supplement a healthy lifestyle; this is tested and proven to hold true as Aller-7 works against allergies in an effective and safe manner. It also aids to support a healthy respiratory system and immune system for a benefit to you that is incredible. The suggested use of Aller-7 is for adults to use it as a dietary supplement in the quantity of 2 pills taken twice on a daily basis. It is to be taken at the first signs of airborne seasonal allergies and they can be used in moderation on a year round basis to help prevent symptoms. It is crucial to keep Aller-7 in a cool and also dry that is away from the direct light as well. It is safe because there is no added dairy, wheat, salt, yeast, corn, soy., preservatives, or artificial flavoring or coloring. As usual, keep it out of the reach of children to maintain a safe atmosphere. Aller-7 works to promote clear airway passages, and to stabilize mast cells. This combination of ayurvedic herbs is the result of 10 years of studies and research and helps by neutralizing free radicals at the same time. It is a completely all natural formula and does not contain toxins that may cause side effects and also provides great sinus support for your relief. Aller-7 is generally tolerated well by the system and does not cause annoying side effects such as drowsiness, bleeding, nervousness, fatigue, and headache, which are fairly abundant among many primary medications. Each capsule of Aller-7 contains 660 milligrams of the formula for your maximum health and benefit. Why struggle a single day longer with seasonal allergies when you can supplement with Aller-7? Stop allergies in their tracks and keep them from coming back with this safe and healthy formula for your everyday diet.

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