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How Important Is Cleaning House In Your Life?

10.24.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Take note both women and men of the world. One of the more important tasks you have in your life is cleaning house. You may think it’s unimportant, but to the contrary cleaning house is very important.nnHow you clean house tells the world something about you. And it tells your children something about you as well.nnYour ability at house cleaning is an expression, often, of how you grew up. Did your mother keep a neat clean house? If so then there’s a good chance that you will too. After all, we all learn from our mothers, and that includes domestic skills. If mom was house proud chances you will be too.nnAlthough some of us had great role models for these sorts of things, some of us didn’t. Not all of us had parents who taught us to run a household well.nnEither because mom and dad didn’t care that much, or because they never really learned the skills from their parents.nnPersonally I involve my kids in all the household chores. They grizzle when they have to do their bit of drying dishes, vacuuming, cooking or whatever other tasks I set them to do earn their pocket money each week.nnI believe that learning simple domestic skills should be a high priority for children, just as important as learning all sorts of other life skills.nnOne of the most important skills to impart to children in my view is cooking. Start them small when young of course, but if you get them cooking when young they’ll love it and progress to full meals over time.nnI have been eternally grateful that my own parents taught me to cook and that’s a skill that has been very important to me for my whole life. Even though I’m a man I do house cleaning and cooking and more, because my parents showed me how to do it.nnAll children admire their parents and look to them for a lead. If they see you using your skills at housekeeping meticulously, and even better if you teach them good housekeeping skills, they’ve learned some essential life skills that they will value for years.nnIf your housekeeping is so poor that you can’t even invite your friends to dinner for embarrassment at your untidy house and poor cooking, then chances are your kids will be exactly the same.nnIn this theme I’ve recently put together a book with all sorts of household cleaning tips and tricks. The stuff your mom or your grandmother should have taught you, but perhaps didn’t.nnThe sorts of things that millions of women, and men, all around our country need to learn. It’s easy when you know how, but if you don’t then someone has to teach you.nnSo remember, if you’re a parent. You kids learn their homemaking skills from you. Show them, including your sons, that you care. Involve them in all the household chores, including cooking and cleaning, from a young age. It may seem a drag at the time but it may be a gift from you to them that they will appreciate for decades.nnFind my book 51 house cleaning tips on my website.

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