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How Hot and How Long to Cook a Steak?

09.07.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Lots of us associate breaking out the grill with making the perfect steak. While there are all kinds of foods that grill up well, from steak and shrimp to fruits and veggies, steak is still an all around favorite. However, it can take a while to learn how to make your steak come out its best. Lots of people will tell you they know how to do it right, making it even harder to choose. Here is a look at some of the best ways to cook your steaks.nnStep one is remembering that you do not start with cooking. You start by selecting the best possible steak, and some people even purchase a whole tenderloin and butcher it themselves to make sure they’re getting great meat.nnYou will need to look for steaks that are three to five ounces each, whether you cut them yourself or buy them. Consistency is important, since consistent thickness and size mean your steaks will be a lot more reliable when you cook them.nnAfter that, you will need to make sure you have got the skills to cook beef on the grill. That might sound silly, but it is more than just heating up some coals and slapping on a steak. Grilling is a relatively simple process, but if you want a steak that is more than just safe to eat, you are going to need to understand how your grill works. This kind of cooking is fast and intense, so mistakes are a lot more difficult to recover from.nnMake sure the grill is as hot as possible, and be sure to season your steak beforehand. Do not overdo it – you still want to taste the meat – but a little bit of seasoning goes a long way. Place the steak on the grill starting with the side you want to show off. That will be the side that is turned up on the plate. Cook until it’s three quarters of the way done, then flip and cook the remainder of the way. Grilling beef is actually quite simple, just not something, that can be done without a little knowledge.nnSo, how long to grill a steak, and at what kind of temperatures? That is a hard question to answer, because every steak is a little different and every person likes his or her steak done differently. There are a number of things that will usually happen to your steak as it cooks, however, and keeping an eye on it to see these signs can help you make a good steak. Here is a look.nnAt 165 degrees Fahrenheit, the meat proteins will start to coagulate. That shrinks the steak down and makes it stiffer. The sides of your steak will become brownish gray at this point. Later on, at 320 degrees, the sugars in the meat begin to caramelize, which is when we begin to see grill marks.nnYou will smell that process, too. It is what tells us the steak is cooking the right way. The juices will start bubbling up to the surface when the steak is most of the way done. That tells you to flip it and use a meat thermometer to tell you when it is ready for you to eat.

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