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How to use social distancing to get closer to your friends and family

03.26.2020 · Posted in Family Articles, Technology Articles
How to use social distancing to get closer to your friends and familyAs an extrovert who craves being close to people, I'm not a fan of social distancing — but I'm practicing it because currently it's the most effective tool we have to fight the virulent coronavirus. Instead of going out with my friends for our regular Friday night dinners, we FaceTime. I've traded in visits to my best friend in Chicago for long phone calls over the weekends.  But I've noticed that, despite not being in the same physical space as my friends and family, we're actually getting closer during this pandemic.  "I believe this is the start of a massive cultural change toward how we connect," says Lee Chambers, an environmental psychologist who studies the effects of our physical environments on our moods and behaviors (such as being cooped up at home because of coronavirus), and a life coach. Chambers has noticed that his male clients and friends are talking about their emotions with him, which he says didn't happen pre-coronavirus.  Read more... More about Family, Social Good, Friends, Coronavirus, and Social Distancing

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